Rudo is one of the main heroes of Lucha Libre - combative art form with elements of melodrama, high-flying athletics, comedy, suspense, and intrigue. Appearing in red mask, Rudo is a wrestler who does not respect the rules of Lucha libre or his fellow wrestler. He is considered the "bad" guy or a "heel" and is willing to win by any means necessary even if it means cheating or brown-nosing the referee. Rudo’s wrestling is not as refined as Tecnico’s. Unlike the spectacular aerial maneuvers and complicated techniques, which técnicos are known for, Rudo makes greater use of brute force - hitting, lifting and dropping an opponent. While Rudo’s moves are rougher and less elaborate, he is not to be taken lightly. It is always fun to watch Rudo using his shear strength and trickery to get the better of his opponent.

The Inspiration

Rudo can surprise you with his tactics, so never turn you back on Rudo. Rudo will use all means necessary to be victorious, and he will sneak up on you while you are not watching. Rudo is more down to earth than Tecnico and will always give a good show. Boisterous and funny, they engage the crowds of spectators and set up the mood for the game. Rudo will not follow the rules in wrestling, and his adversaries had better not slip up, as they might be surprised.

Although rudos often resort to using underhanded tactics, they are still expected to live up to a Luchador code of honor. For instance, a Luchador who has lost a wager match would prefer to endure the humiliation of being unmasked or having his head shaved rather than live with the shame that would come from not honoring his bet. Rudos have also been known to make the transition into técnicos after a career defining moment, as was the case with Blue Demon, who decided to become a técnico after his wrestling partner, Black Shadow, was unmasked by the legendary Santo.

Tequila Rudo

Rudo is 100% blue agave tequila produced by artisanal methods in Jalisco s Highlands. Carefully elaborated at the family-run distillery, Rudo offers a perfect combination of spectacular presentation and superior taste. To pay homage to Rudo's character, our tequila boasts bold and unexpected flavors, a real tribute to blue agave spirit. Reposado and Anejo are aged to perfection in bourbon white oak barrels to achieve smooth and luxurious texture and long finish. Selected "Most Likely to Succeed in 2012" by the Tasting Panel Magazine.

Rudo Blanco

Crystalline silver 100% Weber blue agave tequila is also 100% pure fun! Bold and robust flavors of agave fruit are brought out through traditional elaboration which does not sacrifice anything to quality. "Aromatic and loaded with spice" (Robert Plotkin, American Cocktails")

Rudo Reposado

Rudo Reposado won the hearts of industry experts scoring an impressive 94 points review from The Tasting Panel Magazine. "This Reposado had us at the first sniff", says Meredith May, the Publisher and Executive Editor of the Tasting Panel. This "robust, yet thoroughly charming" tequila is "a mix of toffee, vanilla and peppery spice" (Robert Plotkin, American Cocktail).

Rudo Anejo

Rudo Anejo is designed to be a perfect sipping tequila. Mellowed for 18 months in bourbon barrels, this Anejo will make any occasion special with its rich and smooth taste, luscious texture and long finish with toasted agave notes. "Silky smooth" (Robert Plotkin, American Cocktails).